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Kastoria – one of the most pretty towns in Greece is the capital of the homonymous county in the Northwest of Greece. Often it is described as the „Byzantine Princess at the lake“ and this is only one reason why Kastoria is one of the most popular and beautiful destinations in Greece. The enchanting city on the banks of Orestida lake has 3 characteristic features for which it is well-known: natural beauty, byzantine churches and imposing architecture of its manors, which are called “Archontika”.

With over 70 churches Kastoria is an open air museum of byzantine architecture and is the only city in Greece which continuously preserved the byzantine and post byzantine tradition. The cultural wealth and the natural paradise around the lake, which kept its characteristic flora and fauna, is a unique combination of nature and culture. In the narrow streets downtown are a few townhouses of Macedonian furriers to discover. These houses with its beautiful carvings and murals document already from outside the wealth of this profession.

On the shore of Orestias Lake it is more relaxed. On the Promenade there are displays of fur and leather boutiques and shops targeted towards the high. In between one finds a rich offer of gastronomy with specialties of the region.

Since the 14th century the town Kastoria has developed into a center of fur trade and furrier crafts. An old customs privilege favored this development. Thus, today the city is a center of fellmongery and leatherworking of European importance. The international fur fair of Kastoria belongs to the most important European events in this industry.

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